The Panama Cruising Guide Third Edition

A Complete Sailors Guide to the Isthmus of Panama by Eric Bauhaus


About the author

Eric Bauhaus is originally from northern Germany.

He has been sailing since early childhood, getting his first sailing dinghy at age 6 from his parents who are both seafarers and were one of the first “cruisers”.
Ever since, Eric has never been far from the sea, dedicating his time to various marine-related endeavors, being active as captain, delivery skipper, cartographer on scientific expeditions investigating climate change, publisher for a magazine, marine engineer and underwater treasure hunter.

In Panama he developed water level predictions used by the Topography and Cartography division of the Panama Canal.
He spends his spare time sailing, diving, or developing new marine electronics.

During one of the over 50 Panama Canal transits he has completed so far he realized the need for an accurate, complete and easy to use sailors guide covering the Isthmus of Panama.The same year he started cruising Panama on his yacht, gathering data for the first edition of The Panama Cruising Guide which was published after 4 years of research. Eric holds an unlimited captain license from the merchant marine.

He can be contacted at


On the Bridge of a 700 ton exploration vessel.


Motoring around in a depth survey pattern for chart 8-19 (Isla Montuosa).


Getting ready for survey and photography flights in Darien with friends from the Servicio Aereo Nacional.

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